Sheep Shearing Machine

The process of cutting off the wool fleece of a sheep is called Sheep shearing. Conventionally, many sheep-shearers and livestock farmers used to rely on a simple sheep-shearing process with basic shearing equipment such as a standard pair of hand-scissors. However, modern advances in technology have paved the way for highly effective Sheep shearing machines.

With an objective to bring in similar modern technology to India, National Meditek takes pride in its partnership with ARGEAD Arturo Gines S.C., Spain which is one of the pioneering companies of their country.

The origins of ARGEAD Arturo Gines S.C. date back to the beginning of the XX century, making ARGEAD not only the reference brand of the sector but also a leading global firm, commanding over 100 years of quality work experience.

To leverage upon this experience, ARGEAD has presented National Meditek with the honor of serving as exclusive distributors and resellers of their products within India. Further, till date, National Meditek has successfully supplied the equipment along with its accessories to the following:

  • Uttarakhand Sheep and Wool Development Board
  • HP State Cooperative Wool Procurement and Marketing Federation Ltd.

Sheep Shearing Machine : Product Description

The Sheep Shearing Machine comprises 3 components namely:

  1. Engine
  2. Drive
  3. Hand-piece

The above components can further be equipped/utilised with a few accessories, devised to increase the over-all utility of the machine.

  • Motor power: 370 w.
  • Rotary speeds 220 v.: 2.800; 3.200; 3.400 rpm.
    (Can be customised as per requirement)
  • Rapid change speed and without tools.
  • Pulling-string switch.
  • Double switch of safety.
  • Ideal to be used with generator or forms mains electricity.

  • Flexible drive X-125-T - 1.70 m.
  • It has a security dutch (Pin Drive)
  • More resistant
  • Durable


  • High precision.
  • Ergonomic flocked grip for comfortable use.
  • Low degree of tension needed.
  • Ball bearing system.
  • To be use with a wide range of combs and shearing machines.
  • Worm Drive; Pin Drive.


Note: The Hand-piece supplied by us, is universally compatible with Sheep Shearing machines of other brands.



The Sheep Shearing Machine comes with a few accessories, which aid in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the equipment.

Please click the above link for more details.


Please click the above link for more details.




It is in conformity with the essential requirements of the following Community Directives:

  • Directive of Machines 2006/42/CE
  • Directive of Low Tension 2006/95/CE
  • Directive of Electromagnetic Compatibility 2004/108/CE


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