Sheep Shearing Machine : Combs and Cutters

The Hand-piece of the Sheep Shearing Machine can be equipped with various types of Combs and Cutters, depending upon the nature and complexity of the shearing-job to be undertaken. The following accessories are made available with the machine:

  • Comb SUNBEAM “MICRO PACER” (rectum) (76mm)
  • Comb SUNBEAM “MAX COSMIC” (a curved end) (83mm)
  • Comb SUNBEAM “COLT 494 ” (two curved ends) (94mm)
  • Comb SUNBEAM “PANTHER 397 ” (two curved ends) (97mm)
  • Comb MB-83 (a curved end)
  • Comb MB-92 (two curved ends)
  • Comb MB-96 (two curved ends)


Cutters (Suitable for all classes of Combs)
  • Cutter SUNBEAM “AAA”
  • Cutter MODELO A



Note: All the combs and cutters are universally compatible with Sheep Shearing machines of other brands.