Sheep Shearing Machine Disc-Grinder and Emery Paper

The purpose of using the Disc-grinder is to maintain the sharpness of Combs and Cutters, which may reduce in efficiency due to wear and tear or over-use. The Disc-grinder, included with the comb-holder, assists the user in re-sharpening the combs easily and returning its efficiency to the optimum level.

Further, the Disc-grinder is further equipped with Emery paper, which can also be made available separately.

Aluminium Disc Grinder
  • Engine
    • 1/2 HP    ;    220v   ;   1.420 r.p.m.
    • Weight - 20 kg.
  • Aluminium Disc ; Grinding Pendulum
  • Self-adhesive Emery Paper 60 grit
  • Guide Sleeve
Emery Paper

Emery paper is used as a film that is applied on the grinder for better productivity.

  • Fine (nº 40)

  • Coarse (nº 80)

  • Compatible with all types of vertical grinders