Veterinary Training and Demonstration Equipment

Veterinary Training and Demonstration Equipment belong to the class of Veterinary Education, which in generic terms, encompasses a long list of courses and subsequent roles or jobs that could really shape up the Indian Veterinary Landscape in the coming future.  However, considering the relatively low number of enrolment in the Veterinary colleges across India, the impact of veterinary education on the Livestock sector remains to be seen.

Broadly speaking, a prospective Veterinarian has many disciplines (Veterinary Science, Animal Husbandry Science etc. ) and sub-disciplines (Animal Genetics & Breeding, Livestock Production and Management, Veterinary Gynaecology and Obstetrics etc. ) to choose from. Further, there are distinct levels of degree courses such as Bachelors in Veterinary Science (B.V.Sc.), M.Tech., M.Sc. , M.V.Sc., Ph.D., M.S., and even Diploma and Certificate courses too, which are prevalent in the Veterinary Education Sector within the country.

Although, the Veterinary Education Infrastructure exists, the quality of Veterinarians graduating vis-à-vis their subsequent on-ground impact is yet to be correlated and ascertained. But from broad studies and research papers, it seems that there exists a major gap between the Veterinarians demanded today and the Veterinarians actually available.

In order to curb this gap, and make Livestock Lessons and Veterinary Education more interactive, comprehensive as well as practical, we at National Meditek, Delhi, have mobilised our personnel to assist the various Agricultural and Veterinary Universities across India, in their endeavour to supplement theoretical learning with practical learning. Further, to bring our efforts to fruition, we have also partnered with firms leading the charge of Veterinary Education globally. This would not only help us continuing the transfer of Veterinary technology, but also ensure qualitative learning for the students.

For instance, we have introduced a product called the Bovine Breeder to supplement the curriculum of those prospective veterinary students who are learning how to perform the Artificial Insemination process in Cattle:

To know more, Agricultural Universities/Professors/Veterinarians etc. could reach out to Sanchit Bhatia or write us at [email protected]