Animal Travis (AI Crate)

Product Description : NATO Travis (AI Crate for Animals)

Animal Travis, also known as Artificial Insemination Crate, is a harnessing product quite useful in the process of AI amidst cattle. It is crafted with due attention and has smooth edges, which also ensures safety in its transportation.

  • Fabrication
    • The travis is fabricated from 60.3 mm OD 2.9 mm. Thick/ 4.11 Kg. per mtr. Weight pipe conforming to IS : 3601
    • The Top horizontal pipe with a total of 2 No.s back vertical pipe are crafted as a single piece with seamless design.
  • Dimensions
    • Overall Length  : Minimum 1750 mm.
    • Overall height of front part  : 1500 mm.
    • Overall height of back part  :  1250 mm.
  • Weight

    The weight of the Travis is more than 50 Kgs.

*Image copyright by National Meditek, Delhi

Please note that, on request, customisation may be possible. For further queries, please contact Sanchit Bhatia write to us at [email protected]