Semen Bank Items

A comprehensive range of quality veterinary products is offered, like Semen Storage Straws, both available in French Mini, French Medium and Universal styles at a competitive price. Others include Semen Collection Items, Semen Processing Items, Ln2 Storage And Distribution, Semen Storage Straws And Other Miscellaneous Semen Bank Items. The continuous monitoring and improving the product quality enables us to offer you the best possible choice at the lowest possible prices.

A. Semen Collection Items
  • Semen Collection Crate
  • Bull Apron
  • PPE Kit for Collector
  • Gloves Cotton
  • Artificial Vagina
  • Latex Liners Plain/Rough
  • Silicon Cones non collapsible
  • Semen collection vial
  • Felt Cover for AV
  • Felt Cover for Tubes
  • Semen Pass Window
  • Water Bath for semen Pass Window
  • Air blower for Artificial Vagina
B. LN2 Storage and Distribution
  • Portable Biological Containers
  • Portable LN2 storage and Transport Containers
  • Horizontal /Vertical Bulk Storage Tanks and Containers Transport /Static
  • LN2 Transfer Pump
  • Cryogenic Proactive Items :- Apron/Gloves
  • Freezing Grills/Canisters and Lids
  • Accessories : Long Forceps/Tweezers
C. Miscellaneous Semen Bank Items
  • Millipore Water Purification system
  • Hot Air Ovens
  • Incubators
  • High pressure Autoclaves
  • Artificial Vagina Sterilizer
  • ETO Sterilizers
  • Air Shower System
  • Air Curtains
  • Laminar Air Flow Tables
  • Lab.Timmer/Digital Thermometer etc.
  • pH Meter
  • Hoof Care Instrument set
  • Hoof service Crate
  • Bull Nose ring
  • Bull Nose Applicators
  • Casting Cotton Rope with leather bound ends
D. Semen Processing Items
  • Water Bath
  • Semen Photometer
  • CASA
  • Biological Freezer
  • Freezing Racks and Ramps
  • Ink Jet and Rubber stamp Straw Printing machines
  • Automatic Semen Filling and sealing Machines
  • Straw storage and Transportation Goblets
  • Biological Containers Wide Mouth
  • Cold Handling Unit
E. Semen Storage Straws
  • French Mini and Medium Straws
  • German pattern straws
  • Sealing Balls
  • PVA Sealing Powder