Ovine and Caprine

Welcome to the section focusing on Ovine and Caprine class of animals. While Ovine refers to Sheep, Caprine relates to Goats. Both classes of animal together, contribute towards the total wool production across the country. India ranks 9th amongst the World's Top Wool Producing Countries, with approximately 2% contribution of the world production.

There are various institutes, government boards and other livestock organizations within India, which focus on Sheep, Goat and Wool development. Many other countries have also started laying emphasis on Sheep Husbandry considering the prospect of strengthening domestic wool production, and boosting exports and wool trade.

To achieve this objective, these National and State Sheep Boards and Institutes rely on the procurement of modern veterinary equipment as well as transfer of knowledge. And to aid such organizations in their endeavour, National Meditek offers a wide range of Ovine (Sheep) and Caprine (Goat) focused veterinary equipment:

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Sheep Husbandry in Kashmir