Animal Identification Items

Various animal identification instruments and products are offered by us to cater to the specific needs and demands of the clients. Our animal identification products come in different sections to accordingly fulfil the needs and wants of our clients.

Ear Tags

Tag Applicators, ear tag markers, single action applicators, universal total tagger

Marking Sticks/sprays

Animal Marking Stick, All-Weather Paintstik Livestock Markers, All-Weather Twist-Stik Livestock Markers, Plastic Holders for Marking Sticks, Marking Spray for Bovine/Hog, Marking Spray for Sheep

Ear Notchers

Ear Notching Pliers, “V" Shape Ear Notchers

Tattooers & Ink

Ketchum Tattooing Inks, Ketchum Hog Tattooing Slapper, Standard Tattoo Outfit, Revolving Tattoo Outfit, Small Animal Tattoo Outfit

Ram Marking Harness & Blocks 

Ram Harness, Marking Block

Leg Bands

Plastic Ankle Leg bands

Other Products
  • Plastic TPU Ear Tags in various sizes and shapes in pair Plain/Laser Printed
  • Brass/Aluminum Ear tags for Insurance
  • Applicators for Ear tags
  • RFID Tags and RFID Tag readers
  • Visual Electronic tags and applicators
  • Injectable /Bolus Micro Chips and Readers as per specific Demands
  • Tattooing Sets and Tattooing Ink in Paste and Liquid Form
  • Cryo Branding Sets