NATOMED Ear Tag Applicator

Universal Ear Tag Applicator Product Description

Our Universal Ear Tag Applicator is fully adaptable to apply the entire range of National Meditek Ear tags or any other standard ear tags, large or small, available in the market.

With the replaceable clip in the jaws and the replaceable applicator pin, our  ear tag applicator can be easily configured to apply visual tags.

This applicator, crafted with deep jaws and a user-friendly comfort grip, works well with all livestock tag applications.

A special locking provision is provided on one side to lock the applicator while not in use.

  • Material
    • This Universal Ear Tag Applicator is constructed with High Quality Die-Cast Aluminum with removable/replaceable plastic inserts for the application of NATOPLAST Tags.
  • Accessories 
    • 1. Replacement Pin
    • 2. Spanner for tightening the screw of the pin
  • Other
    • Special locking provision provided on one side of the applicator to lock it, while not in use.

*Note:   The Ear Tag Applicator is packed with a detailed instruction manual to assist the user in effectively using this equipment.

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