Ear Tags

NATOMED Animal Ear Tags for large animals: Product Description

Ear Tags belong to that class of veterinary equipment, which are used for identification of large and small animals. They are made of high-quality Ether Grade Polyurethane and are temper proof.  Each ear tag consists of two parts:

-Female part

-Male part

The male part, which has a metallic knob is tightly and securely locked into the female receptacle by using the ear tag applicator.

  • Material
    • Ether Grade Polyurethane
  • Size of the Male Part
    • Diameter of 27mm (+/- 10%)
  • Size of the Female Part
    • 55 x 65 mm (+/- 10%) with a closed head
  • Weight of the Ear Tag
    • The total weight of the ear tag is 7grams (+/- 10%)
  • Other Details
    • Color:  Lemon yellow or any other color can be accommodated based on customer preference


  1. 1. Laser printing can be done based on customer preference.
  2. Size of the ear tags can be changed based on customer preference.
  3. They are not reusable once applied to animal ears.


Write to us for more details.