Bovine Breeder

In order to aid India's Educational Universities and Institutes for Veterinary Sciences, we at, National Meditek, Delhi are proud to collaborate with Realityworks, USA for the supply of their highly detailed products including Bovine Breeder (AI Simulator) and various Animal models.

Realityworks provides comprehensive learning solutions that pair curriculum with hands-on learning aids, student activities and assessment tools to create innovative learning environments. These solutions are used in educational institutions and various agricultural universities, to engage prospective students, teach needed skills and provide career exploration opportunities.

Our firms share the same objective of closely partnering with educators, administrators and industry leaders to ensure that they have the resources they need to make Livestock lessons (AI) truly meaningful.

Artificial Inseminator Simulator : Product Description

Give your students a realistic approach to teaching proper artificial insemination (AI). This tabletop simulator teaches correct cervix manipulation and AI gun positioning. It allows students to see inside the reproductive tract to identify reproductive system landmarks and helps them learn correct insertion and delivery of semen.

Following are some broad features for the Bovine Breeder:

  • Realistic cow’s hindquarters and reproductive system to teach proper AI techniques
  • Removable cow hide cover (available in brown or black and white) to train with or without visual cues
  • Model fits on classroom tabletops and collapses for easy storage

The Bovine Breeder broadly includes a Simulator with removable cervix, reproductive tract and cow hide cover, Latex-free shoulder-length gloves (100-pack), AI barb-style gun, Quick Start Guide, Online access to curriculum, and 1 year limited warranty.

Also, you may please click the below link to view the Tutorial for Bovine Breeder (AI Simulator) by Realityworks (USA). You may contact Vaibhav Bhatia , National Meditek, Delhi, in order to find out more about the supply related queries for Bovine Breeder and other animal models within India.

Curriculum Spotlight:

Cow Reproductive Systems

  • Lesson topics:
  1. Cow and Bull Reproductive Systems
  2. Basics of Artificial Insemination
  3. Proper Insemination Techniques
  • Teaching hours: 3-5
  • Includes: Lesson plans, student activities, assessment tools and presentation slides

Note: For technical specifications and similar queries, please get in touch with Vaibhav Bhatia or write to us at [email protected]