Sheep Jetter

Sheep Jetter is a modern veterinary equipment dedicated towards controlling external parasites, lice or fly from affecting the wool fleece of the sheep. This highly effective equipment not only ensures a healthier and more hygienic livestock but also a better quality of wool. Since one cannot predict fly-strikes or a lice-outbreak in a farm, it is always recommended to prevent any damage to the livestock (sheep) by ensuring the Sheep are made to go through a liquid treatment (dipping), courtesy the Sheep Jetter equipment.

According to Food and Agriculture Organization Corporate Statistical Database (FAOSTAT), India ranked 3rd (62.1 million),  on the basis of the average number of heads of sheep for the period 1993-2013. However, In 2016-17, India only managed to contribute to approximately 2% towards the share of the total wool production across the world.

Considering the number of sheep/goat prevalent in the country vis-à-vis volume of wool produced across the country, National Meditek has undertaken an endeavour to aid the Nation-wide Sheep Boards, related institutes, and organizations in their objective to foster Sheep Farming and Sheep Husbandry across India.  And therefore, the firm takes immense pride in its partnership with PPP Industries, New Zealand,  to bring in high quality equipment to aid these efforts across the country.

PPP Industries was formed in 1962 and was originally set-up as a poultry equipment manufacturer and parts supply company. However, with their team's consistent technological innovations complimented with a clear foresight, PPP Industries have established themselves as one of the leading players in the sector. Today, they have diversified their operations in many sub-sectors within the Animal Husbandry sector and are set to expand their operations globally.

As PPP Industries' exclusive distributor across the country , National Meditek is proud to have already supplied to the following organizations:

  • HP State Cooperative Wool Procurement and Marketing Federation
  • Uttarakhand Sheep and Wool Development Board

Sheep Jetter: Product Description

Automatic Sheep Jetters are an easy alternative to the conventional techniques of :

  1.  Spray-on backlines
  2.  Hand-jetting

Being quicker than hand-jetting, they allow more timely jetting operations. Further the design improvements increase the total amount of pesticide retained in the wool and the amount deposited at the skin level.

How does it work?

The flock of sheep enter the Jetter race one by one, and as they move through the Jetter, their body activates an electric sensor. This subsequently activates the solenoid valves that are attached to each of the spray lines via a central control box.

Note: For prices and quotations for Indian market, please get in touch with Vaibhav Bhatia.

Technical Specifications:
Design Feature Specification
Number of top spray bars 2
Number of top spray nozzles 10
Top Bar Orientation In Line with direction of movement
Top Nozzle type Solid Stream
Top Nozzle direction Straight down
Number of bottom bars 1
Number of bottom spray nozzles 3
Bottom Nozzles type Solid Stream
Bottom bar arrangement Across the line of movement
Bottom bar angle (adjustable) 30 degree forward
Valve type Solenoid
Key features:
  • The Spray bar orientation is based on a research carried out by NSW Department of Primary Industries Agricultural Engineering Research Unit.
  • The Electric sensor activation gives a clutter free race reducing effects to the flow on animals.
  • It is battery operated allowing it to be used from any remote location.
  • The Jetter is constructed from high grade stainless steel allowing for a compact, and lightweight design and is equipped with a Tapered V frame to centralize animals of different sizes and reduce the effect of tunneling.
  • The Jetter comes along with a chemical trap, which enables it to store the excess liquid or the chemical that can be further recycled or retreated. This makes our product 100% environment friendly.
Ease of Use:
  • No adjustment required for dipping different sized sheep
  • Camlock fittings allow for a quick setup
  • Non-slip mesh floor
  • Simple light-weight design allowing ease of movement
  • Easily connects to yard/farm gates

Few components of the Sheep Jetter can be customised as per user requirement.

Please contact Vaibhav Bhatia for quotations or incase you may have any queries.