Our Story

National Meditek is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, which is engaged in the manufacturing, production, import and supply of various Artificial Insemination equipment, Cattle Breeding items, Identification tags, and, Veterinary and Surgical Items. The firm has been in operation since 1983 and has consistently supplied and delivered high quality products to different stakeholders.

With over three decades of experience in the field, National Meditek has further strengthened its goodwill across the Industry as well as the country, for its excellence in the supply of quality products. With the guidance of many eminent Surgeons, Veterinarians and AI specialists, the Company has devised, created and perfected many appliances, which are widely in use today.

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Our Products

National Meditek has been consistently striving to improve the Medical landscape of India, both in the Veterinary and Human space. The product portfolio too caters to these two different lines of the industry. While the Veterinary Surgical Product Division may include medical equipment to cater to the the needs of different State Livestock Boards and Animal Husbandry Departments, the Human Surgical Product Division may include those medical equipment that may improve the overall standard of living or aid in prohibiting the harmful effects of any pandemic/epidemic.

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Our Testimonials

PPP Industries, New Zealand

“In June of 2017 I received an email from India requesting information on our sheep dipping machine. Little did I know India has many more sheep than there are in NZ. I sent through a quote to Surendra Bhatia of National Medtitek never thinking I would hear from him again but once again I was surprised a few months later an order came for our sheep dipping machines and then followed by a request if I could come to India to show how our sheep dipping machine operates.

We arrived into Delhi at about mid night on the start of our journey to meet the team from National Meditek and Indian sheep farmers. It was in Hamirpur where we met officials from the Government Research Farm, who had come to view the demonstration. One of the highlights of Hamirpur what the marvellous hospitality shown to Hamish and I from not just the Surendra & Vaibhav Bhatia but all the people we met with on our trip. This was such a very important part of the trip meeting and understanding how people live.

What a brilliant trip we had, how well organised, the entire trip was planned with complete detail and of course the people we met and all of this has had a lasting impression on us. Of course, the business was very positive.

To finish our trip we visited the Taj Mahal so we had a grand send off from India.”

- Nick Morison,
PPP Industries, New Zealand

ARGEAD Arturo Gines S.C., Spain

“In 2015 we received an email from India, interested in our products and proposing collaboration. For us it was a great joy and satisfaction, one of the biggest markets in the world interested in us, it was a dream. We do not think for a second and we immediately begin to exchange information.

Three years have already passed and our assessment is totally positive. Our brand, little by little, is being known in India and for us this is already a great success (although our impatience makes us want to go faster than we can really).

Thanks to our distributor in India, responsible, diligent and totally dedicated to publicize our products in your country and in this way contribute to the progress of its citizens.

Without their support, it would not have been possible for us to make our way through India, it is three years of collaboration and we hope that there will be many more.

Thanks to all the NATIONAL MEDITEK team”

- Jose Antonio Merino Gines,
ARGEAD Arturo Gines S.C., Spain

Our Certifications

With an objective to bring in the best practices across the world to the veterinary landscape of India, National Meditek has constantly focused on securing the best global certifications in order to fulfil its promise of high quality equipment. The firm’s strong business ethic has aided in accomplishing the following certifications.