In farm and livestock management, Drenching, refers to a process of administering a drug or a medicine to an animal for its overall well-being. The intake of the drug/medicine treatment is done orally with the help of Drenching Guns. This treatment is appropriate for not only ovine (sheep) and caprine (goat) but also other farm animals such as cows, dogs, horses, calfs and others.

Although there may exist various types of drenches in the market, catering to different set of needs, the most common of them are Broad Spectrum Drenches and Narrow Spectrum Drenches. While Broad Spectrum Drenches focus on a wide range of treatment, the Narrow Spectrum Drenches target a restricted range of internal parasite types.

With the objective to improve the Veterinary Landscape in India, National Meditek has an ongoing partnership with Henke-Sass, Wolf, Germany to cater to the rising demand of such equipment across the country. In the process, the firm has already supplied to :

  • HP State Cooperative Wool Procurement and Marketing Federation Ltd.

Drencher : Product Description

The Drencher is designed for multiple dosing of sheep, cattle or other livestock. It is crafted to be user-friendly and can also be used as an injector. The drencher is a light-weighted equipment developed using materials that can sustain high strength, guaranteeing continuous use over a long period of time. Further, it comes with a provision of the dosing wheel that can assist the user in setting the required dosage.

How does it work?

In order to administer a drench, the drench gun is used to give the required dose to the animal orally. This requires restraining the sheep or the respective animal being treated, along with its head followed by the insertion of the drench gun's nozzle in its mouth for the purpose of dosing. Since this job requires a certain amount of force to be applied while restraining, the person administering the dose must take care so as to not harm the animal or if need be, seek the help of an additional person.

Technical Specifications

The Drencher primarily includes 1 x Syringe, 1 x Tubing and 1 x Drench Nozzle (11cm). Users can also refer to accessories for different nozzles and attachments according to the type of administering job.

The Drencher Lock (dosing wheel) equipped with the Drencher provides the user with the option to set three dose volumes:

  • 12.5 ml.
  • 30 ml.
  • 70 ml.

In order to provide the dose administrator with an increases sense of safety as well as a comfortable application with enlarged distance to the animal, the following accessories can be equipped with the drencher:

  • Nozzle
    • 11 cm. (Standard equipped)
    • 14 cm.


  • Nozzle Curved
    • 30 cm.
    • 46 cm.


  • Nozzle Curved with Handle
    • 46 cm.


  • Luer Lock attachement

Note: Customisation might be available as per user requirements. For support or queries, please write to us at [email protected]