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Our Story

National Meditek is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, which is engaged in the manufacturing, production, import and supply of various Artificial Insemination equipment, Cattle Breeding items, Identification tags, and, Veterinary and Surgical Items. The firm has been in operation since 1983 and has consistently supplied and delivered high quality products to different stakeholders.

With over three decades of experience in the field, National Meditek has further strengthened its goodwill across the Industry as well as the country, for its excellence in the supply of quality products. With the guidance of many eminent Surgeons, Veterinarians and AI specialists, the Company has devised, created and perfected many appliances, which are widely in use today.

Today, National Meditek has been successfully catering to the demand of such equipment arising from various Animal Husbandry Departments, District Livestock Farms, Veterinary Hospitals, Livestock Development Boards, National Dairy Development Board (its various centers along with its cooperative Societies and Federations), Veterinary Colleges, and Research Institutes etc. across India.

It is also assisting various State and Central Govt. Departments by monitoring, innovating and supplying high quality equipment against their initiatives such as SCAD, FMD, RPE, Cattle Breeding, Livestock/Cattle Identification, Bird Flu Containment, and other pandemic containment initiatives.

The firm is focused upon bringing the best case practices from the global industry to our country. And to carry out this objective, we have forged successfully business relationships with many International firms, who are leaders in their respective countries.

National Meditek consistently strives to improve its products by leveraging its R&D efforts and its strong association with the customers, which has enabled the firm to have a sound understanding of the customers’ needs in the field of surgical instrumentation.