Veterinary Metal Detector

Sometimes, Cows usually end up eating ferro-magnetic bodies together with their food. Subsequently these parts enter into the stomach of the animal, and stick against the walls of the stomach, causing pain and infections.

We, at National Meditek, are proud to present the NATO-MetalDetect V1.0 , which is a carefully devised veterinary equipment, that can be used for detecting covered magnetic and non-magnetic metal parts. Magnetic parts can be detected already from a relatively larger distance, depending on their size, whereas non-magnetic metal parts (like copper, aluminum or brass) can be detected from a short distance only.

Veterinary Metal Detector is a Transistor type device used for the detection of the metallic foreign bodies inside the animal’s digestive system using optical and acoustical indication through a scale/voltmeter and headphones. The Veterinary Metal Detector is supplied along with a carrying case and rechargeable batteries in order to help in its portability and usage across the field tests of affected animals.

The NATO-MetalDetect V1.0 consists of 3 parts namely - the probe, the indication unit and the ear phone. Additionally, a cable is required to establish a successful connection between the probe and the indication unit.

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