VINK Calf-Puller

Mostly during Calf birth, a calf can be pulled safely by the hand by correcting any abnormality in position, however some times, a mechanical calf puller may be needed. It is a device specially designed to assist in calf-birth. The main body is capable of moving back and forth with the help of the handle and is designed with a premium quality Stainless Steel. There is also a provision to tie the apparatus with the animal using a rope or belt at the front end.

It has a heavy-duty and durable construction, designed to last long. Also, if the birth becomes complicated the traction can be released immediately without causing any complication in the birth or any harm to the calf. Further, Dystocia related problems could also be avoided, by ensuring the right method of pulling the Calf.

Considering this prevalence of Dystocia related problems, and other birthing issues in the Indian Veterinary Landscape, we at National Meditek, are proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Vink-Elst BV, Netherlands in order to aid the veterinary sector of the country by providing high quality Calf-pullers and many other veterinary products under their mix, to assist Veterinarians in Calf-births.

Vink-Elst BV had its inception in the early eighties and the company, today,  is exporting to over 50 countries with extremely satisfied and happy clients across the globe. They believe in constantly evaluating and testing new ideas, and the best ones making the cut are further taken to production in order to further expand the product line for the betterment of the Global Veterinary and Farm Practices.

VINK Calf-Puller : Product Description

The Vink calf-puller has a very functional design, is wholly constructed in stainless steel, very robust and practically indestructible which ensures a long and trouble-free service. Following are few of its notable advantages:

  • It is impossible to slip away from the cow
  • It is the only single handed calf-puller
  • It permits pulling tension straight, upwards for posterior presentation and also downwards in the direction of the udder for a normal birth.
How does it work?

This calf-puller is easy to handle.

  • The rump frame is placed over the cow’s rear with the open end towards the backbone.
  • Then the ropes are attached to both calf’s legs and to the lever mechanism in that order.
  • Now gently tension the ropes and it will adopt the correct position whether the cow is standing up or lying down.
  • The calfpuller can not slip out of position. It leaves both hands free to assist cow and calf.

During a normal presentation

  • One should draw downwards in the direction of the udder until the head is born and then in a horizontal line.
  • When the calf pelvis threatens to lock in the cow’s pelvis one should draw more in the direction of the udder.

In the case of a posterior presentation

  • The draw should be upwards the tail until the legs are born and then change to a horizontal line.

The quick release

  • Depress catch C and with the same hand push the whole lever mechanism towards the cow. The handle will swing forward and automatically release catch D. Do not press the handle.  If the ropes are too taut, ease the handle backwards to allow catch C to be released more easily.

Note: For technical specifications and similar queries, please get in touch with Sanchit Bhatia.

Other Features:

It is available with standard traction as well as alternate traction:

  • The lever mechanism of the VINK calf-puller with standard traction is equipped with 2 hooks which will be drawn backwards at the same time when pulling the handle backwards.
  • The lever mechanism of the VINK calf-puller with alternate traction is equipped with 2 hooks which will be drawn backwards one by one when pulling the handle backwards.

The pole can be moved sideways maximum 30 degrees, however, a move sideways of more than 30 degrees can damage the apparatus. Always take care to ensure sufficient room around the cow during the delivery, since this renders a sideways movement of the pole unnecessary.

Please contact Sanchit Bhatia  or write to us at [email protected] incase you may have any queries or would like to receive a quotation for the same.