Cow Model for Artificial Insemination (AI)Training

With growing concerns over safety of artificial insemination done for Bovine animals across the world, supplemented by advancement in technology, we, at National Meditek, Delhi are immensely proud to introduce the artificial Cow Model for Artificial Insemination (AI) Training which replicates the life size of milk cows as well as other features of the of the reproductive tract.

Envisioning a healthier practice of Artificial Insemination in Animals, we and our counterparts Fujihira Industry Co. Ltd. , Japan have forged a strong business relationship over the past decade, in order to ease this technology transfer in India as well as the surrounding countries of the Indian Sub-continent. Our firms share the same objective of closely partnering with educators, administrators and industry leaders to ensure that they have the right resources to train future Veterinarians by the method of simulating the AI training process on an artificial cow instead of a live animal.

Amongst the many prestigious organisations, who have adopted this technology globally, we would like to mention a few such institutions within India, who have endeavoured to take that step in ensuring Cow reproductive safety across the future generations of the animal  :

  • Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary and Animal Science ,Hisar (Facilitated by Haryana Livestock Development Board)
  • NDDB AI Training centre, Jalandhar
  • Bihar Animal Science University , Patna

Cow Model for AI Training : Product Description

The life-sized cow model has been carefully crafted by the team of Fujihira, to ensure that aspiring veterinarians as well as a dairy farmers in today's day and age can perfect their craft of Artificial Insemination in Cows (Bovine) without causing any injury to the animal. It is a simulation based model which produces the same reproductive conditions as that witnessed in real life, including heat generation in the reproductive tract of the Cow.

Following are some broad features for the Cow Model:

  • It is equipped with model for vagina, cervix, uterus, ovary and rectal examination
  • During the training, it is possible to observe inside from the window as well as the top.
  • Life-Sized Model, ensuring the right position for the dairy farmer or the veterinarian.
  • Heat-Inducing sensor to create life-like conditions to acclimatise the user
  • Made of durable material, FRP and easy operation of the equipment.

To summarize, the complete Cow Model unit includes the below mentioned parts :

  1. Main Unit
  2. Inseminating Gun for Training
  3. Hexagonal Wrench
  4. Power Code
  5. Hand Cart

Cow Model Demonstration for AI Training

For detailed instructions, or for any other queries, please Contact Vaibhav Bhatia or mail to us at [email protected]