We at National Meditek, have been one of the pioneers in developing and fabricating high quality Castrators within India. Castrator is designed for emasculation of livestock through the stoppage of blood nourishment to the testicles by means of pair of sturdy clamp which will sever the testicular cord without injury to the bag (scrotum).The testicles deprived of nourishing blood, will immediately stop the production of semen fluid and gradually wither away and disappear through absorption by the animal system.

Castrator is not only a simple pair of clamps with double leverage but also a device that is crafted with a fine detail to perform perfect castrations of animals.

It is made up of generous mass of metal of special grade steel, and finely turden joints, and works smoothly in a procedure. It is also comparable to the any leading castrator manufactured internationally by the global leaders in the industry.

Following are a few features of our product:

Special Features
  • Proven results (Clinically tested)
  • Guarantees optimum results, if used properly
  • No slipping of cords
  • No wounds/cuts to the scrotum
  • Free replacement guarantee of one year against any manufacturing defect
  • More than 10,000 pieces of castrators are currently being used domestically today
Perfect with Woundless results

The Castrator does not produce any superficial wound as the skin is not cut.

Guarantee of Quality 

If handled properly, BULL ZAC / BAB ZAC Castrators can work for several years.  However, all Castrators fabricated by us bear a free replacement guarantee for one year against any manufacturing defect from the date of supply.

Production Capacity

We can manage to supply approximately 10,000 pc. of high quality castrators per annum by capitalising our resources. This production capacity lists us within the top firms globally who can manage this feat.

Technical Specifications 

Castrators are made of special grade steel, hardened / tempered, polished and triple layer nickels plated, and conform to international standards.


BULL ZAC brand for large animals 19" (47.5 cms approx.)

BULL ZAC brand for mature animals 16" (40 cms approx.)

BAB ZAC brand for small animals 9" (23 cms approx.)