Artificial Insemination Sheaths (AI Sheaths)

Product Description

We, at National Meditek, take pride in being one of the renowned AI Sheath Manufacturers across India. Artificial Insemination Sheaths belong to that class of veterinary instrument, which is usually used in the breeding and reproduction process for animals, especially Bovine.  The AI Sheaths allows the retention of the straw in the Gun chamber, which protects it during insemination process.

The AI Sheaths are equipped with an insert feature, which ensures a perfectly tight fit with the straw. The AI Sheaths also guarantee expulsion of all the semen without any back-flow into gun chamber/sheath.

Technical Specification

The AI Sheaths also meet all International specifications and parameters . The AI Sheaths  follow a  universal pattern which ensures better compatibility with French Mini/Medium straws.


Medical Grade Non-Toxic PVC Material


443 mm.                    (+/- 2 mm.)

(May be customised as per user preference)

Outer Diameter

4.50 mm.                   (+/- 0.15 mm.)

(May be customised as per user preference)


Standard packing for AI Sheaths contain Individually Packed 50 Pcs./Pkt.

*Color:  Available in standard transparent color


  1. The AI sheaths can only be used once i.e. they are not  reusable and are to be disposed off, after the first use.
  2. The AI Sheaths can also be supplied in individual packing based on customer preference. Some other customizations may be possible based on customer preference.

For export and bulk purchase queries, please contact Sanchit Bhatia or write to us at [email protected]