Cow Mats

Cow Mat: Product Description

Rubber Cow Mats (also known as Bull Mat) are specially crafted in order to aid the Cattle’s hygiene, ensure less fatigue and  help against excessive rheumatism.  These mats provide a comfortable base for the livestock to rest/stand upon while also preventing joint-deterioration in many animals. Further, they even act as a cushion for calves trying to find their footing into adulthood, ensuring their health remains intact.

The Cow Mats are made up of multiple designs. However, the interlocking Cow mats are the most convenient and easy to spread mats, for a wide area. They can be easily cleaned and treated periodically for a longer utility.

National Meditek has been supplying various designs of Cow Mats to different Livestock Boards and Frozen Semen Stations in the past, few of which are situated in Uttar Pradesh (UP), Madhya Pradhesh (MP), Punjab and Haryana.

Technical Specifications:

While there exist various types of Cow Mats and in different dimensions, it is important for the farmers, dairy farm owners, and Semen bank workers etc. to use a durable Cow Mat made of Natural Rubber. A typical Cow Mat made up of Natural Rubber weighs in the range of over 40 Kgs. While the usual size is 6ft x 4ft, the mats can vary more as per bulk orders. They can either be interlocking or straight edged depending on customer preference.



Dimensions 6 ft. x 4 ft.  (Rectangular)
7 ft. x 4 ft.  (Rectangular)
(Other customization may be possible for large or bulk orders)
Material  High Quality Rubber
(EVA Option also available)

Pattern (Top)

  •  Chequered – Geometric Shapes
  •  Diamond Shaped
  •  Amoebic

Pattern (Bottom)

  •  Wide-groove
  • Drain Channel
  •  Honey-comb

20-25 mm

(Other customization may be possible for large or bulk orders)

Weight 40 - 45 Kg. approximately

(Appx. 15 Kgs. weighted Cow Mats also available upon customer preference)


Further following are some design types as per customer preferences which are prevalent in the market today.The top design of the mat could be Hammer-head/Chequered/Amoebic/Triangle design.

Broadly, the bottom side of the mat is categorised under two designs:

  1. Wide-Groove Bottom
  2. Honey-comb Bottom



Please note, that the rubber cow mats could be customised depending upon the size of the order and other customer requirements. For more queries and purchase information, please contact [email protected] or write to us at [email protected]