Cool Box/ Insulation Box/ Ice Box

Cool Box: Product Description

A Cool Box (also known as Ice box or Insulation Box) is a portable equipment, which helps in keeping perishable items cool and fresh for a long period while also preserving Vaccines and Biological samples. Further, optionally, Gel Ice Packs can also be supplied with the cool boxes for maintaining cold chain.

The principle on which a Cool Box or an Ice Box works is that of PUF insulation, which aids in protecting the items stored from the outside heat.It usually comes with a lid which helps preserve the items kept within the box. Also, it is equipped with either lifting hooks or a swing handle at the top, for better portability.

Technical Specifications:

Feature Specification
  • 4 Ltr.
  • 6 Ltr.
  • 10 Ltr.
  • 14 Ltr.
  • 25 Ltr.
  • 51 Ltr.
  • 125 Ltr.
Color Preferably shades of Light Blue, Red, Green etc.
Handling feature Portable with either Swing handle or Side Hooks
Material HDPE with PUF Insulation


Please note, that Ice Boxes could be customised depending upon the size of the order. For more queries and purchase information, please contact [email protected].