Digital AI Gun

Digital AI Gun / AI Gun with Camera used for Artificial Insemination in bovines along with gun holder

  • Length of Visual AI Gun barrel is 45 cm of which 35 cm is for insertion to female reproductive tract and 10 cm for better handling.
  • Total length of AI Gun with camera is not less than 57 cm of which 5 cm to remain outside for holding & 7 cm to remain inserted into internal OS.
  • Position of camera located inside the front channel to prevent hindrance during image visualization due to soiling
  • The dimension of the tablet (not less than 2GB RAM) screen for viewing is approximately 10cm (screen size).
  • The camera cord is attached with computer, tablets, android mobiles with function to record, still photography and video clips.
  • The camera is waterproof with LED light of adjustable brightness.
  • There is a hanging device to hold the tablet PC packed in a waterproof bag and The gun is made up of standard steel (SS-304) or nontoxic Teflon material.

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